Learning How to Paint Mobile Home Walls

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Mobile homes are becoming more popular today. With the steady increase in prices for space, it’s only natural that people turn towards more cost-effective solutions. What lures a lot of homeowners to make a switch from a traditional house to a mobile home, motor home, manufactured home, etc. is the cost. A lot of mobile home designs nowadays are as competitive as small apartment designs. For a smaller cost you can get the same amenities of a real house, it makes a lot of sense to go for the more cost-effective option.

Brand new and second hand mobile homes are available in the market so if you’re buying a second hand home, might as well know how to paint mobile home walls. The walls in a permanent house are different from that of a mobile home. It makes it a little bit more challenging but still possible for do it yourselfers.

how to paint mobile home walls

Steps on how to paint mobile home walls

  1. Find out what type of wall your mobile home has. Depending on how old your mobile home is, your wall may be different from newer mobile home models. The two most common types are vinyl-coated and paneling. Vinyl-coated walls are found in old models and have patterns; basically like wallpaper. Panel walls are basically wood paneled side by side.
  2. For vinyl-coated walls, sand the wall with sandpaper. Removing the vinyl covering is an option but can be more expensive. Don’t use a sanding machine. A block of wood wrapped with sandpaper will do. After sanding out the walls, make sure to wipe the walls and remove dirt to ensure that paint will adhere to the walls. Your goal is to make it as smooth as possible and to get as much printing off the walls.
  3. If you’re working with paneled walls. Apply compound in between the grooves and other holes in the wall. Leave to dry and apply another coat. Make sure you go all the way down to the floor and all the way up to the ceiling.
  4. Wipe the walls and remove particles, dust, dirt and other debris.
  5. Prime your walls. If you can find a stain-hiding primer, it’ll be your best option.
  6. Start painting your wall with whatever color you chose. Make sure you let the primer dry first. Apply two or three coats on your wall to hide imperfections. If you don’t know what type of wall you have, ask a professional and get instructions on how to paint mobile home walls.

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