Learn About the Latest Living Room Colors

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full color living room

The living room is an essential part of any house. It’s a place for socializing. It’s where you bring your guests to sit; it’s where you host parties or gatherings. While some may argue that the dining room is also a place for socializing, you don’t invite everyone to your dining area. It’s more likely for you to invite guests to sit in the living room. With that kind of emphasis on the living room, it’s important that you choose the right interior design for this room and when decorating or designing a room, the first thing you need to consider is the color theme.

The latest living room colors can help give you ideas should you be interested to give your home living room interior a face lift. Here’s a short compilation of trending color themes and interior designs for the living room. Remember that you can tweak these ideas to match your needs and style. Interior decorating should be about your personal style.

latest living room colors

Trendy and latest living room colors

  • Create an eclectic elegance by using shades like turquoise, jade green and yellow-green. It creates a cohesive appearance and gives off a very sophisticated look. Because the colors are a bit odd, it may be challenging to find furniture pieces in these tones so you can choose a white color for bigger furniture and incorporate the dark colors into the upholstery. You can also try shopping from Etsy or Craigslist as they have a variety of hard-to-find pieces.
  • Cool blue and cream is also trending. You can easily create a contemporary living area by using cool blue draperies and paint your walls with cream. If you have a dark brown floor, the walls can serve as a canvas to highlight your flooring. Adding zebra prints or other animal prints as a floor rug or a wall décor will have a nice effect.

retro living room colors

  • Use saturated shades like dark gray or purple. Notice that a lot of Arabian and Moroccan designs use dark shades and can still look pleasant? The trick is to add cream furnishings or draperies. While you’re making a statement with rich and dark colors in the room, you’re balancing it out by adding light-toned furniture or home accessories.
  • Use turquoise, neon yellow and slate gray to get a cheerful ambiance in the living room. A slate-gray wall is a great backdrop to help highlight colorful furniture. You can also add in some red and gold to give a luxurious pop of color. This color palette is definitely one of the latest living room colors.

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