How to Create an Elegant Sitting Room

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elegant sitting room

A sitting room is basically what most of us know as the living room. It’s used for relaxation and entertaining guests. It’s normally the first room after the front door. This kind of arrangement makes it easier for homeowners to receive guests without exposing the rest of the house interior. The sitting room as it’s called is named after the function of the room. Living rooms are normally the part of the house that has the most seating capacity. Furniture sets for the living room focus on seating unlike furniture sets for the other rooms in the house.

An elegant sitting room can be created even when you’re on a budget. Proper arrangement of furniture pieces, home decorations and positioning of the decorating elements can help make the room pleasant. Here are a few tips you can use to make your sitting room a comfortable place for you and for your guests.

elegant living room

Ideas on how to make an elegant sitting room

  • If you can choose between a formal and comfy sitting room design, blend both styles. If you have antique furniture, mix them with modern home decors, bold fabrics for the windows and a lot of colorful pillows. It’ll give your formal living room that much needed “relaxing” look. You can make a modern room classic by using mid-century lighting or add sculptural accessories.
  • Mix and match patterns. Gone are the days when the rules said not to use more than one pattern. Use bold patterns on curtains, pillows, rugs and other small items. Animal prints can add more drama to the room and stripes can give a nice geometric touch.
  • Let a lot of light in. If you have small windows, you can replace doors with glass doors instead. It creates an airy feel and provides a nice view outside. If you have large windows or floor to ceiling glass doors, you’re very lucky! You can add window treatments to help control the light entry but basically, natural is a great way to make a sitting room look awesome!

classic living room interior

  • Decorate using natural materials or getting inspiration from your environment. Notice that southwestern decorating styles use brown, green, red and orange? Those are the colors of the desert so, depending on where you live, grab color ideas from your backyard!
  • Also, don’t forget to personalize. Add family photo frames, collectibles and other trinkets that speak about your personality. An elegant sitting room doesn’t need to have a formal interior design.

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