Green Living Room Ideas

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The year of 2013 comes with the new spirit of saving this earth from the danger of global warming. Its devastating effects have been seen everywhere with the extreme climate change which changes the cycle of nature in general. Green is also one of the colors which is best to give calms and soothing effect emotionally. If green is your favorite color, here are some green living room ideas as your references.

Green living room ideas usually dominated by various shades of green in its design. Most people implement this idea by incorporating it on the walls instead of furniture and then combine it with different color in the furniture to give balance to it. You can choose some colors such as yellow, coral red, orange, black, brown and white as your furniture color to give the needed accents in your green living room design. Do some experiments with different palette of colors which match your green living room idea to get the best match.

Green Living Room Ideas

If you like a more traditional design for your green living room ideas, you can try to combine your pastel green walls with classic wooden furniture or painted white furniture with elaborate design and curves. This kind of design is best for a cottage living room. For a more modern look, you can have bright green walls and combine it with yellow cushions and a nice glass coffee table with green and white curtains to present a clean, warm as well as inviting living room best fit to entertain your guests.

Green living room ideas are best added with natural touches by adding real life greenery in the form of plants or flowers. Green plants will blend well in your living room design and it will give natural feeling in the living room. Some potted plants which give you oxygen purifier quality will give you both clean air and a sweet decorative accent. If you like flowers to go with your green living room, you can choose orange or yellow and red lilies or tulip to give dots of colors in your living room.

A more eco friendly materials in your living room design can make your design to be more environmentally friendly green living room ideas. Instead of having luxurious hard to grow wooden flooring, you can have easier to grow and eco friendly bamboo flooring with the same natural effect on your floor. Recycling your green bottles into vases or pots for small plants can be another alternative. This way you apply the green idea in your living room both ideally and practically.

Green Living Room Ideas

Remember, green living room ideas Is not just a spot of green in the room. It has philosophical and ideal values within. You better apply both than only apply it on the surface.

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