Fireplace Tile Design Ideas

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Fireplace Tile Design IdeasTiles in a fireplace are not just tiles. In fact, it functions as a decorative element which can change the whole look of your room completely. Changing the look of it can either emphasize the beauty of your fireplace or destroy it completely. If you want to have a unique look in your fireplace and draw the attention of your guests, you can have a look to our simple fireplace tile design ideas tips below.

Why tile? If you take a look at the current trend of MDF (Modern Designed Fireplace) style which is indeed highly fashionable but feels hollow when you tap on it, you can see that it lacks the feel of authenticity and traditional natural feel. Tiles can give you that and to choose the best ones, you have to consider the budget in the first place. Tiles can be cheap if you choose the simple subway ones and they can also be very expensive if you seek for more up to date and stylish fireplace tile design ideas. Budget calculation can help you in deciding which one to install.

Fireplace Tile Design Ideas

The next comes the designs. Tiles come in various styles and designs. Regular tiles are the subway ones which left you with various colors as your decorative elements. If you take a look more, you will find that there are other variations such as 3D tiles and flat tiles (2D). 3D tiles are fascinating in looks but it requires professional help to install since it has unique characteristics to deal with. Flat tiles or the 3D ones are easier to install and it comes with various styles and fireplace tile design ideas. You can also beautify your fireplace with tiles from various materials such as glass, ceramics, marble, or natural stones.

Once you have decided on which tiles you want for your fireplace tile design ideas, you need to consider on how you will install them. a simple subway style installation is perfect if you want to install it Do-It-Yourself style since it is simple. But if you want to have complicated mosaics on your fireplace, you might need the help from professionals. However, if you want to have a more vintage style setting up of tiles according to your own taste, you can try to put your creativity on a paper and then set them on your fireplace tiling.

Fireplace Tile Design Ideas

Talking about fireplace tiles design ideas, we must also talk about the grout. Grout is in fact taking up to 10-20 percent of your tile fireplace final look. Choose darker colored grout if you want to bring out the beauty of your patterned tiles and lighter grout for your plain subway tiles. Be creative! The sky is your limit!

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