Elegant Curtains for Living Room

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elegant curtains for living room

Transform the room by using elegant curtains for living room interior. Curtains are integral when decorating a room with windows. They are functional because they block light and sound and also help with the heat and cold. They’re highly decorative as well so they serve both functional and aesthetic purposes in any room. If you use the right kind of curtain in any particular room, it can add an enormous personality and unique look.

The key is to know what you want to achieve. Do you want to filter light, to block out light or to just use it purely for decoration? A sash curtain is what you use to filter light while a draw curtain is best for blocking light. For decoration purposes, an over-drapery is your best bet. You may also want to install a valance or cornice to hide the hardware or basically the rod that holds the curtain. If you’re creating an elegant look for the living room, you’re leaning towards a more formal tone. So, here are some know-hows when it comes to curtains.

elegant contemporary curtains living room

Types of elegant curtains for living room interior

The length of the curtain can say a lot about the type of tone you want in the living room. You can drape and swag curtain fabric loosely over the rod to create a decorative look. It doesn’t serve any function but it adds elegance to any room by adding a dramatic look. But back to the lengths of curtains, there are four types of length: floor length, sill length, bottom of the sill and romantic length or puddles on the floor.

Elegant living room curtains

The floor length is the best for formal living rooms. If you want to add a romantic feel, choose one that puddles to the floor. Elegant curtains for living room can help hide flaws on your windows.

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