Doorless Shower Design Ideas

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Having a door less shower has its own benefit. Apart from being stylish and luxurious, this kind of shower enables you to take a shower easily. You do not need to be obstructed by it whenever you come in and out of your shower, you are not disturbed by fogs and condensed vapor while you are taking your warm shower and it is not claustrophobic. All is simple and yet elegant. If you are interested in having one in your bathroom, here are some easy doorless shower design ideas tips for you.

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The first thing about doorless shower design ideas is the setting. Make sure that the setting of your door less shower still gives comfort as well as protection to the one taking a shower inside. One of the most important thing for this kind of design is making sure that you set it far away from the door or area which can send air since the door is open, so air can easily come in and make whoever inside of it feels cold. Always put consideration on how to prevent water from spraying all around the bathroom by setting up lip on the entrance at least 3-4 inches at height for creating a slope in the flooring towards the drain. Set the shower head on one wall facing another wall or overhead shower to prevent water sprays though the door less area.

When it comes to the beauty of the doorless shower design ideas, you need to pay attention on how you will design it so it still look gorgeous and elegant despite its lacking of door. One thing that you can do about it by using different materials for the back ground of your shower area to give the needed attraction. Instead of having a monotonous authentic monotone subway tiles, you can have different kind of tiles with different kind of material and design to give your door less shower a distinct character. If you want to make it more beautiful, you can set printed ceramic tiles with pictures on one of the wall facing the entrance.

Doorless Shower Design Pictures

Doorless Bathroom Showers

Doorless Shower Designs

Doorless Shower Design Ideas

A door less shower design idea does not mean that you cannot have privacy while you are showering. instead of letting it open, you can half close the shower area by having a half partition to give enough closure but still do not make you feel claustrophobic. The partition can be made from various materials such as glass in various models such as stained glass, frosted glass or glass blocks for aesthetic values of your shower. If you want to be more natural friendly or traditional, you can have a perfectly sailed wood panels partitions as well. Remember to choose water resistant materials to make sure it last longer within damp and wet condition.

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