Creating a Moroccan Feature Wall

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moroccan stencil wall


A feature wall is a nice element to use when you want to create a bit more distinguished focal point in the room. For example, it’s easier for a guest to realize which one is the focal point when you have a feature wall compared to when you’re using a wall décor or the light fixture. It’s something that’s very obvious, like you’re calling for attention but it’s not overwhelming.

One of the trendiest wall designs is the Moroccan feature wall. It’s popular among do-it-yourselfers because there are a lot of Moroccan stencil designs available in the market. The designs are fairly easy to do. Damask is a reversible figured fabric with a pattern created by weaving. Damasks are woven in one color or two colors to create contrasting warps and wefts. You may also find polychrome damasks with gold and other metallic colors. It’s a great way to create a Moroccan touch in any room. There are also other ways to create a feature wall with a Moroccan theme like decorating the wall with unique Moroccan decors.

Moroccan Stencil design for wall

DIY Moroccan feature wall

The easiest and simplest way to get this as I mentioned earlier is the stencil designs. Royal Designs Studio has a lot of stencil patterns available for walls, borders and others. It’s a great project for you even if you’re working full time. You only need to dedicate at least an hour a day and spend one or two weeks depending on how large your wall is. Stenciling Moroccan patterns on your wall is the tedious part but the rewards are great! The effect it creates in the room interior is very unique.

To begin creating your stencil wall, pick a stencil design. You can easily find Tuscan designs, Trellis designs and others online. Print the pattern and copy it on a cardboard so you can have a more stable pattern. If you’re making a one-color design, you won’t need to cut the insides of your pattern. Take a pencil and start tracing around your pattern on the wall. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect because you will be painting over those lines after. It’s best to finish all the markings first before painting the lines.

moroccan feature wall

It’s very tedious so don’t rush. Take your time to trace your pattern and once you’re done, use a thin brush to paint over the lines. You can simply use white paint or choose a color that will contrast well with your wall. The right colors will help create a unique Moroccan feature wall.


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