Country Kitchen Design Ideas

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A country kitchen is the perfect kitchen if you seek a homey and close to nature feel in your house. Its natural design with natural woods and natural color tone can give the required warmth in a family. You will remember on the old days in the country having big dinner with your grandparents when you have this kind of kitchen style in your house. If you are attempted by this idea, check up some of these country kitchen design ideas below.

Country Style Kitchen Design Ideas

To get the perfect country kitchen design ideas you need to make use the woods you have in your house. Make sure that you reduce all the metallic objects and appliance since it is in contrast with traditional and homey kitchen look that is expected from a country kitchen. Vintage elements are allowed to be put as long as it still radiates natural theme in its elements. Woods are best set as a butcher block countertop for your island or cabinet sets. Walnut, oak, or birch wood are smooth and light in color which can be combined with any kind of country style your want in your kitchen.

The next is the backsplash option. Although a country kitchen’s main characters lies on the wooden elements and natural decoration it has, backsplash still becomes one of the focal points. An authentic and original subway tiles glazed into natural color such as white, light green, cream, blue or terracotta is best to accentuate the country look in your kitchen. You can even change your metallic sink into a nice farmhouse sink from woods or natural stones which will give the natural sense in your kitchen. Remember to blend the color and design of the backsplash with the rest of the kitchen. Balance is still essential in country kitchen design ideas.

Country kitchen design idea needs country style interior. Wooden flooring with neutral colored walls such as : cream, yellow, pale shades of blue, brown, and green are best to give the country feel in your kitchen. but if wooden is too expensive, natural stone, ceramic with wooden appearance and vinyl with wooden pattern are perfect too to bring out the country feel. Cabinets are better in their natural color but if you want to paint it, natural colors as above are perfect. You can have glass door cabinets so you can display your precious china as accessories.

Small Country Kitchen Design Ideas

Country Kitchen Design Ideas 2013

Country Kitchen Design Ideas Photos

Country Kitchen Designs

Country Kitchen Design Ideas

When all is set, a country kitchen design ideas need some county style decoration elements such as country style lamps, curtains, ornaments and knobs. Those tiny details such as knobs on your cabinets can change the look of your kitchen as a whole. Change them with vintage old looking knobs or French style round knobs for a country feel. Lamps are better adorned with old style lamp ornaments. You can have them easily in garage sales in town with cheap bargain. Curtains are better kept in natural colors such as white, brown, and blue, green, yellow in plain or patterned style. As long as it has natural feel on it, you can use it.

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