Contemporary Kitchen Ideas

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A contemporary kitchen is a kitchen with the feel of cleanliness and simplicity. If most traditional kitchens are packed with random utensils and appliances all around, contemporary kitchen hides them behind closed doors to keep the neat look of its very basic concept. That is why some people think that creating a contemporary kitchen is difficult. In fact, it is not. Take a look at some of our easy contemporary kitchen ideas below.

Contemporary Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Form is first when we talk about kitchen design. The setting of  a contemporary kitchen idea is basically the same. The difference might lies on the way it is arranged. The regular triangular function is still maintained in this kitchen design. The shape itself can be L, U, G, or even the regular alley kitchen. Most contemporary kitchens are adorned with sleek and sharp edged appliance. Fridge is chose in metal color and stove is chosen based on its simplicity. When it comes to cabinets, most cabinets are closed with glass or stainless door with hidden knobs for simplicity sake. Open shelving is possible in a contemporary kitchen ideas but it should be well kept.

The next in contemporary kitchen ideas is the color. Neutral and bold are the magic match for contemporary design. Most colors used in this design are monotone, double or triple color combination, not more that that. The neutral vs bold are applied to give out sharp edges and sleek lines of the design. Black granite countertop is best when combines with white glazed subway tiles and dark stainless steel cabinets. A one color theme will do too and the most common one is white although some other colors such as light blue and chocolate brown are okay to be utilized.

Remember that in contemporary kitchen ideas, clutters are not tolerated. If you want to put any decoration on it, you only require an outstanding picture on the wall and not more. If you want to give the touch of nature on the kitchen, you can put some fruits in a glass and then put it on the table as decoration, flowers are also okay. Remember to keep everything simple. Do not overdo it.

Contemporary Kitchen Ideas 2013

Contemporary Kitchen Ideas Pictures

Contemporary Kitchen Ideas

Appliances are various nowadays. Thus, you can easily find contemporary style appliances such as fridge stove etc for your contemporary kitchen ideas. Check for more info and ideas around for a better result.

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