A Comparison between Dark and Bright Colors to Paint a Living Room Interior

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Are you confused about the colors to paint a living room? If yes, then you will find the tips mentioned below very helpful. There is some popular living room paint colors from which you can choose you can go all out and be unique in your choice. Whatever you do, make sure the color of the living room matches with the colors of the other elements of the living room like the furniture, the accessories, the carpets and so on. If the colors are too mismatched, your living room will look cluttered and untidy.

color ideas living room

colors to paint a living room


Idea for colors to paint a living room

  • Match the color to the room – This holds true if you are repainting the living room. In this case, you will already have an existing set of furniture, carpets, lights, etc. So choose a shade for the walls that will complement all these elements. For example, if you have a beige sofa set, you can go for a light brown shade for the walls. This will go well with the furniture and will make your living room look classy and elegant.simple color for living room
  • Durable paints – No one paints their living room every day!  So to ensure that your walls stay beautiful and fresh for a longer time, buy living room with good quality paint. This will prevent the colors from fading or getting damaged too quickly. living room color
  • Two colors – The trend of painting the living room in two shades is fast catching up. So you too can try it out. Get contrasting shades such as blue and yellow or red and green. If you want to keep it more traditional, stick to different shades of the same color. Paint one side of the living room dark yellow and opt for lemon yellow for the remaining walls. This will give your room a unique look.Paint Living Room Two Colors
  • Color scheme of the house – If there is a particular color scheme that you have adopted for the entire house; you need to choose the colors to paint a living room in accordance to that as well. So if white is the color for the entire house, do not paint your living room red! This will make it stand out in a negative way and your guests will surely not appreciate it too much. If you however want your living room to be slightly different looking from the rest of the house, pick a different shade of the same col
  • Eco friendly paints – At every cost refrain from using paints for your living room that contain lead and other harmful chemical. When you buy the colors to paint a living room, make sure you go for the co friendly varieties. These are good for you, your family and for the environment as well. These paints may cost you a little more money, but the extra amount that you spend will surely be worth every penny.

Popular Living Room Paint Colors

Selecting the best colors to paint a living room

Now that you have some ideas about the Dos and the DON’Ts about living room colors, go all about and paint your living room in magnificent shades. There are many options to choose from and you should carefully assess all the choices before you make a final decision. Consult your friends and family members if you get too confused looking at the innumerable options! You can only log on to the internet and look at pictures of living room colors to get a better and more comprehensive idea of the best possible options. Whatever you do, make sure you select the best and the most stunning colors to paint a living room.

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