Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

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Tiles in a bathroom is somehow as important as the lighting itself. It dominates the view of it and it also acts as the focal point for your bathroom. That is why choosing the right tile to your bathroom ideas is indeed important to improve the look of it as well as add the comfort in it. Although it seems so easy to choose any tiles in your bathroom design, it turns out that the wrong tile for your bathroom can be a disastrous thing. I have experienced it. To avoid doing the same mistake as I do, you better check on these bathroom tile design ideas.

Bathroom tile design ideas requires you to decide on the theme first. Although some bathrooms are designed plain and less attractive with monotonous color to make it simple, you can make a difference by adding a concept to it. A modern bathroom is perfect for you who like sleek and up to date style. This kind of bathroom needs you to be brave in choosing combination of stark dark and bright colors. Most colors used in this kind of bathroom tile is black, dark brown, dark grey or other darker shades combined with brighter colored tiles for the wall and metallic furniture.

For a more traditional bathroom tile design ideas, combination of tiles in different shades of chocolate brown or crème is perfect to go with your wooden furniture. To avoid it to be too boring, you can combine different materials and size of tiles. Try to accentuate some parts of your bathroom with smaller and darker tiles lined neatly to create a frame of mosaic tiles. Combination of size can also be done it you want to add some chick in your traditional bathroom. If you want to be authentic and classy, you can use other materials such as wood, shells, or colored glass as your decorative element.

A vintage bathroom tile design ideas might seem to be the easiest to make since it is pretty much thematic according to the specific time you want to represent. Since a vintage style bathroom is the portrayal of common people’s bathroom, you have much simpler tile options. White and light blue monotonous color theme is perfect for a 70’s vintage style. Remember to choose tiles with less patterns or accents to keep the monotonous sense of old bathroom. If you want to add accent you can use furniture instead of tiles.

No matter what kind of style you want for you bathroom tile design ideas, creativity decides the final result. Browse for some more ideas on the internet to spark your creativity. Remember; do not be afraid to try since the sky is the limit when it comes to design.

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