Bathroom Lighting Design Ideas

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Bathroom, although seems unnecessary and small, is still an essential part of your house. Some people choose to let it bare and pay less attention on its tiny details such as lighting. Meanwhile, this part of the house can be said as one of the most dangerous place in your house due its prone to accidents. A bathroom with slippery floor and insufficient lighting will likely cause you trouble in the future. To avoid this to happen, here are some cool bathroom lighting design ideas for your references.

Bathroom Lighting

First thing that you need to consider about bathroom lighting design ideas is choosing the right lighting. Bathroom has several nooks here and there and some areas are deemed more important than others when dealing with lighting needs. Areas such as mirror, shower, bath tub needs more lighting to help you do the bath and other stuffs. Track lighting is perfect to illuminate those areas for your safety.

Zoning is important in bathroom lighting design ideas. You need to specify your areas of working in the bathroom. Decide which are needs more light and which area needs less. The zoning will give your bathroom a better functional room as well as it adds the beauty by adding some decorative lighting as additional aesthetic values. Be creative and selective. Areas you use the most such as shower, mirror and closet might need more light than others while bathroom area can be dimmed a little by adding pendant lighting above for relaxing effect.

Who said that bathroom lighting ideas only involves electrical lighting??? Natural lighting will give more outstanding effect to the look of your bathroom. Let the sunshine in as much as you can since bathing under the sun is indeed an irreplaceable experience. Try to allow the sun in by an open window. A window will be perfect to give enough natural illumination in your bathroom. However, if your options are limited to bathroom which is packed in between two separate rooms with no window, you can try to open up the ceiling by adding an open ceiling or glass ceiling. If natural light is impossible, you can always have bright fluorescent light to replace it.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

Bathroom Lighting Designs

Bathroom Lighting Design Ideas

Before you move further with your bathroom lighting design ideas plan, it is best if you set the budget in the first place. The budget will give you an overview of what kind of lighting you need and you can provide for your bathroom. If you have more in your budget, you can always have a consultant to solve the problem but not everyone is that lucky. You need to consider buying lower wattage lights to replace bright and expensive high wattage light which requires more money.

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