Attic Bedroom Ideas

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Sometimes, people are left with no choice but to be creative when dealing with lacking of space at home. Some people are not lucky enough to have that spacious mansions in Malibu beach or Ocean County and have to settle on a small house in a friendly neighborhood in the suburb. Having many rooms in the house is hard for them, and most of the times, they are forced to make an attic bedroom which is not easy. It requires creative attic bedroom ideas’ tricks which will be explained below.

Attic Bedroom Ideas Pictures

To get the best attic bedroom ideas, you should consider safety first. Consult your house condition with the expert and see if its strong and safe enough to support a room. When it’s already done, and you are safe with your attic ideas, you need to meet the local building authority. Some authorities have different rules on what kinds of buildings are allowed and what are not. When both safety and license are bought, you can start your plan your design.

Some creative attic bedroom ideas come with the using of space wisely. It is a common knowledge that an attic is not as big as a regular room, to make it seems and feels bigger you requires some tricks of color, furniture and lighting. Choose bright and pastel colors as your basic color theme. Brighter color will make the space seems bigger and merrier. The next is choose the furniture wisely, reduce it into the essentials only according to your need. Smaller bed, fewer chairs and smaller wardrobe can be your option. Lighting is also important to avoid making your room seems dark and gloomy. Add one or two small windows if possible, if its not, you can install some lights in strategic places to illuminate the corners and make the room seems bigger.

At last, one of the most important thing in creative attic bedroom ideas: comfort. To get the comfort element of your room, you need to adjust it to your taste by choosing the right theme. You use the theme to help you find the right color, furniture or accessories you need along with your taste. Choose wisely, you can base your theme on color, idols, dream, hobby, etc. Use your bedroom as your creativity muse.

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