Advantages of Distressed Bedroom Furniture

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distressed ivory bedroom furniture

Creating an aged-look or a lived-in kind of feel in your home can be easily done even when it’s newly built. When you know the tricks and strategies to getting a particular look in the home interior, you can easily make the rooms appear differently. Rustic interiors usually boast of the simplicity of its design. It’s a reflection of simple and raw creations. When using a rustic style in home decorating, you use natural materials and don’t usually focus on intricate patterns or craftsmanship. What you’re after is to be able to provide basic functions of furniture, for example.

Distressed bedroom furniture is one of the best ways to make a bedroom look aged. With age comes character and usually, we associate quality with age. The distressed look is very classic. It adds charm in any room. It represents furniture that weathered a lot of years. However, due to the demand for this type of furniture, a lot are distressing furniture on purpose to get this kind of look. Find out how to create your own distressed furniture in easy steps.

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How to create your own distressed bedroom furniture:

To test it out first, choose a smaller piece of furniture like a stool or a small drawer before moving on to bigger pieces like the bed and cabinets. To start off, remove all the hardware in the furniture. For example, the handles in the drawers or any other pieces that you don’t want to get painted. Use a dry rag and apply a deglosser to the surface. If you will be staining the wood, you won’t need this step.

distressed bedroom furniture

Once you’ve cleaned the stool, apply the primer. There are available primer products that are spray-on or brushed. After the primer dries, apply the paint of your choice. Re-coating is completely up to you. Once you’ve got the right shade of color, let it dry and prepare your sanding tools. You can sand the edges and areas where the piece of furniture is most likely to have wear if used for years. For example, a table would have weathered edges so sand those areas. Keep in mind that you need to sand gently so you don’t over-do it and make it look unnatural. You can also use nails and other tools to make marks on the furniture. Distressed bedroom furniture is a great way to add character and charm in your bedroom interior and the best part is that you can do it to your current furniture pieces.

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