2013 Paint Colors for Living Rooms

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2013 living room paint colors

Before picking 2013 paint colors for living rooms, let us share a few points to help you decide. Paint color trends change periodically but if you pick a color palette for your living room that is timeless, you can get away without a repaint for a few couple of years, or never at all. There are a few things to consider when choosing a paint palette for your living room. We’re sharing color paint considerations and what top paint companies have to offer for a modern 2013.

Before picking a color, think about the size of the living room. A small living room space will benefit more from light colors. It will make the room seem larger. But if you have a wide space, go for darker shades because it creates a cozier ambiance. Next, think about the mood you want to set in the room. Do you want a formal living room or do you want a warm and inviting atmosphere? Gray tones create formality and don’t really create a relaxing feel while warmer tones like beige make an inviting tone. Another thing to consider is whether you’ll be keeping your old furniture or will be starting from scratch. If you intend to use old furniture and decorations, you’ll have to pick colors that will blend or complement your current living room furniture.

living room paint ideas for 2013

2013 paint colors for living rooms suggested by top paint companies

Behr suggests a deep blue color to make a bold statement and have a deep gray to adjacent walls. Add a pure white on the trim to make accents pop and you’ve got a modern definition of living room interiors.  The color combination is one that can remain modern for years to come.

living room paint ideas for 2013

Sherwin-Williams took inspiration from natural-sea surroundings. His creation focuses on complementing the environment rather than trying to compete with it. He uses more white and green on his living room interior model. And finally, Benjamin Moore released four different palettes that are worthy for 2013 paint colors for living rooms.





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